Spiderman Web Shooting Mode Dart Launcher Toy

Spiderman Web Shooting Mode Dart Launcher Toy

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Superhero fans: Kids can imagine themselves as their favorite online superheroes. Wearing it, you can imitate the scene of Spider-Man launching spider silk in the movie. It is an indispensable toy for movie fans. There is a suction cup on the top of the projectile, which is harmless to the human body. It is safe and easy to use. You can launch it against glass or the ground, and the suction cup will suck on the ground or glass, which is very interesting. Stimulate imagination and creativity: Kids may like to play with their companions. Using our popular superhero toys, children can imagine themselves as their favorite online superheroes and stimulate children's adoration of heroes. They can go to a role-playing game with their friends. Bring fun to children: The superhero launcher brings children a cool childhood world. It can increase children's interaction and make children grow up happily.



1- Include 3 Shooters, 1 shooter Ad, and One mini spiderman

2- Recommended for 6+

3- Size: 6 Inches approx

4- Note: Glove is not included


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