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Talented Kitchen Chef 64pcs

Talented Kitchen Chef 64pcs

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Material: Made of plastic that can be used by children, it is sturdy and durable, no strange smell and no bad health. It also has a lightweight feature that reduces the risk of pressure even if it falls over.Set Includes: This is a gorgeous kitchen toy, so you can collect eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and other similar tools such as faucets, cups, pots, frying pans, etc., and cut vegetables, make cooking, washing dishes, all reproduced in realistic, making fun and playing.Social Exercise: Children can play with moms and dads, children can improve communication skills, they can naturally remember the names of vegetables and dishes as they play, learn the steps of cooking and improve not only friendship, but also social skills.Realistic Cooking Atmosphere: You can play a toy in the kitchen with realistic spraying, light, and boiling sounds. Kids can create a fun atmosphere for cooking in the kitchen for a fun and imaginative experience.Develop wisdom: Through the kitchen toy, you can learn about the fun of playing, using hands, words, and more. By doing a series of flows, such as cooking, washing, and cleanup, you can naturally build your life power.

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